Host Volume

Colchester: University of Essex Library, Harsnett K.e.9

Publication Details

Type of host: 
printed book retaining early binding
Author of volume: 
Ioannes Lorinus
Title of volume: 

Commentarii in Ecclesiasten


Mainz: Balthasar Lippius ('apud Balthasarum Lippium, Sumptibus Ioannis Crithij'), 1607

Binding Information

Binding style: 
gilt, centrepiece
Binding detail: 

On both boards, centrepiece with 'R' to its left and 'B' to its right (letters slight worn), and a gold-tooled fillet at edge, as seen also on Canterbury: Cathedral Library, W/K-3-60. On that volume, and the identification of the initials as those of Richard Bancroft, see James Carley's discussion. Holes near fore-edge where there would once have been ties.

Place of binding: 
Canterbury or London
Date range for binding: 
1607 x 1610

Hosting Information

Number of manuscripts represented: 
Number of fragments: 

Further information

  • Richard Bancroft (1544-1610), archbishop of Canterbury, 1604-10.
  • Samuel Harsnett (1561-1631), archbishop of York, 1629-1631.
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