Host Volume

Colchester: University of Essex Library, Harsnett H.f.4

Publication Details

Type of host: 
printed book retaining early binding
Author of volume: 
Nicolaus Gallasius (Des Gallars)
Title of volume: 

In Exodum, Qui secundus est liber Moisis


Geneva: Iohannes Crispinus, 1560

Binding Information

Binding style: 
blind-stamped, centrepiece
Binding detail: 

Plain brown leather, rebacked. Blind-stamped centrepiece ornament (a popular design, like, but not the same as, Pearson, Oxford, centrepiece xiv). Repair to the back cover shows the location of a former chain-staple, towards the top of the fore-edge.

Place of binding: 
Date range for binding: 
?s. xvi2 (post-1560)

Hosting Information

Number of manuscripts represented: 
Number of fragments: 

Further information

  • an institutional library?: note the evidence of there having been a chain-staple.
  • Samuel Harsnett (1561–1631), archbishop of York, 1629–31.
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Friday, September 2, 2016 - 06:38