Host Volume

Colchester: University of Essex Library, Harsnett H.b.34

Publication Details

Type of host: 
printed book retaining early binding
Author of volume: 
Franciscus Suarez
Title of volume: 

Opuscula theologica


Lyon: Horatius Cordon, 1600

Binding Information

Binding style: 
plain calf
Binding detail: 

Plain leather on pasteboard. Sewn on three split alum-tawed thongs; five raised 'bands' at the spine.

Number '26' painted low on the fore-edge. Price '7s' written at top right of second front flyleaf, part of a bifolium with the first flyleaf and so perhaps added with binding.

Date range for binding: 

Hosting Information

Number of manuscripts represented: 
Number of fragments: 

Further information

  • ?Richard Bancroft (1544-1610), archbishop of Canterbury, 1604-10: the presence of fragment iii, which appears to be from Babel MS 18, suggests this provenance.
  • Samuel Harsnett (1561–1631), archbishop of York, 1629–31.
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