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Colchester: University of Essex Library, Harsnett K.a.23

Publication Details

Type of host: 
printed book retaining early binding
Author of volume: 
Philip Melanchthon et al.
Title of volume: 

Centuaria epistolarum theologicarum ad Iohannem Schwebelium


Zweibr├╝cken: Casparus Wittelius, 1597

Bibliographical reference for printing: 
USTC 620945

Binding Information

Binding style: 
gilt, centrepiece
Binding detail: 

Brown leather over pasteboard. Stamped centrepiece, gold-tooled, with Archbishop Whitgift's arms (defined by BAB as stamp 3). Fillets forming rectangles at edge, several blind, one gilt. Gilt flower stamped in each compartment on spine. Two holes on each board for cloth ties. Written on fore-edge, twice: '23'.

Place of binding: 
Date range for binding: 
1586 x 1604

Hosting Information

Number of manuscripts represented: 
Number of fragments: 

Further information

  • John Whitgift (1530-1604), archbishop of Canterbury, 1583-1604: his arms as archbishop on binding.
  • Richard Bancroft (1544-1610), archbishop of Canterbury, 1604-1610: this is inferred from the usual line of descent from Whitgift to Harsnett.
  • Samuel Harsnett (1561-1631), archbishop of York, 1629-31.
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