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Colchester: University of Essex Library, Harsnett H.e.45

Publication Details

Type of host: 
printed book retaining early binding
Author of volume: 
Hector Pintus Lusitanus
Title of volume: 

In Ezechielem prophetam commentaria


Antwerp: Petrus Bellerus, 1582

Binding Information

Binding style: 
blind-stamped, centrepiece
Binding detail: 

The centrepiece, though of a common design, appears to be identifiable as one used in the bindery owned by Thomas Thomas of Cambridge: J. Morris, 'Thomas Thomas, printer to the University of Cambridge 1583-8. Part II', TCBS, iv (1968), pp. 339-62 at pl. xxviii (centrepiece 6). It is placed within a frame of multiple fillets at the very edges of the boards. Title written horizontally on fore-edge, below that a number '8'.

Place of binding: 
Date range for binding: 

Hosting Information

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Number of fragments: 

Further information

  • 'Tho: Lovell': his name written at top of first front flyleaf, with notes on following flyleaf (with the ?date '1597') and at final verso of back flyleaf. Possibly the Thomas Lovell who matriculated at St Catharine's College, Cambridge, in Lent Term, 1585. On him (and alternatives), see Venn, AC, iii, p. 108.
  • Samuel Harsnett (1561-1631), archbishop of York, 1629-31.
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